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JatrophaBioJet and Abundant Biofuels sign jatropha aviation jet biofuel contract

JatrophaBioJet Corporation and Abundant Biofuels Corporation have executed a Jatropha crude oil source contract for exclusive use as aviation jet biofuel.

The terms of the contract were not disclosed, but according to JatrophaBioJet, “in general, the quantity ramps quickly to five million barrels per year”.

Mitch Hawkins, JatrophaBioJet Chief Executive Officer, says: “We believe this is by far the world’s largest source contract dedicated exclusively to aviation bio-jet fuel and is a milestone in the process of providing bio-jet fuel to the aviation industry. It also represents a major step for our company in achieving our goal of providing 30 million barrels of bio-jet fuel annually.”

Both JatrophaBioJet and Abundant Biofuels expect demand for aviation biofuels to exceed 200 million barrels annually. Currently, the world’s annual consumption of conventional jet fuel (excluding military) is about 2 billion barrels.

The International Air Transport Association has stated that it wants 10% of jet fuel to come from biofuels by 2017.

JatrophaBioJet is a collaboration between Abundant Biofuels Corporation, South Pole Carbon Asset Management and Mitch Hawkins & Co Inc.

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Chumroen Benchavitvilai said

07 May 2009
As to the current reality.It is almost impossible ro this big quantity both from the demand and supply approaches.

Supply Approach.
So far there is not enough planted Jatropha trees which can genernate such quantity.
The relaistic planted acreages are very little and the secured yield are relatively very low.
It would take many million of hectares to plant Jatropha to generate for such quantity of Cri=ude Jatropha oil .
So far there is no single captive plantation in big scale on the earth.

Demand approach.
as rhe aviationindustry is looking for not only the enviroenmetal friendly fuel(green fuel0 but also the chepaer of fuel.
Bioenergy is far too much more expensive than the current mineral fuel (Jet A-1 Kerosene ).
It is impossible for any Airline to switch the current lower prices mineral /fiossil fuel to the much higher price Biofuel of Bio Jet Fuel(Jatropha).

This is not the ambitious target but it is the impossible dream according to the current reality.

Chumroen Benchavitviali.

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