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HyRaMP regional initiative to promote battery electric and fuel cell vehicles in Europe

HyRaMP, the European Regions and Municipalities Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, is broadening its support of fuel cell vehicles to also include battery electric vehicles.

HyRaMP – established in April 2008, and representing more than 30 regions and cities in Europe – aims to accelerate the uptake of electromobility in Europe. Electromobility is considered a prime candidate to reduce the oil dependence of road transport, by introducing alternative energy sources as indicated by the recent European report on Future Transport Fuels.

For European industry ‘electromobility’ comprises battery electric as well as hydrogen/fuel cell vehicles, and the relevant supply infrastructure that is required. These propulsion technologies offer complementary transport solutions, and have many elements in common.

‘Coordinated regional and local programs would serve as the backbone of such a development, as regions and municipalities are key players for electromobility,’ says Jean-Eric Paquet, the European Commission’s director of Trans-European Transport Networks & Smart Transport.

Paquet is confident that HyRaMP will ensure a sufficient critical mass within industry for the deployment of both battery electric and fuel cell vehicles, and help coordinate the buildup of the relevant infrastructure across the EU.

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