Abengoa and Wavebob to partner on wave energy technologies

The deal will see the two companies work together on the research, development and commercialisation of wave energy systems.

<p><a href="">Wavebob</a> and <a href="">Abengoa</a> say they are planning to collaborate for a period of at least 6 six years, and will work to complete an R&amp;D agenda that &quot;meets the growing commercial wave energy opportunities in Europe and the U.S.&quot;</p> <p>Both companies will work on research, technological development and economic assessment of wave energy locations globally.</p> <p>Considered one of the world&rsquo;s leading wave energy technologies,<a href=""> Wavebob</a>'s unique wave energy convertor - at full scale - <a href="">could be capable of producing in excess of one MW of power</a>, with a 100-unit wave farm<br /> providing power for more than 30,000 homes.</p> <p>Speaking at the announcement of the partnership, Andrew Parish, ceo of Wavebob said that &ldquo;given Abengoa&rsquo;s position as a leading energy technology developer, this collaboration provides immense expertise and global reach to Wavebob. Abengoa truly understands the challenges of developing advanced energy technology and converting that challenge to a financial opportunity&quot;.</p>

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