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UPS Systems to lease three new Air Liquide hydrogen fuel cell systems to UK customers

UPS Systems has signed an innovative distributor agreement with Air Liquide Hydrogen Energy, to offer three new hydrogen fuel cell systems to end-users in the UK. This is a first for the UK market, and part of UPS Systems’ approach to broaden the use of fuel cells in the UK.

The new distribution agreement means that UPS Systems is the first UK company to offer the three new hydrogen fuel cell systems from French-based Air Liquide Hydrogen Energy. The PEM fuel cell systems offer an autonomous, clean power supply for remote locations where access to mains grid power is difficult.

'Whilst we are seeing more and more companies interested in fuel cells for their organizations, one of the barriers in adopting higher-output fuel cell systems has been the capital costs involved,' says Tom Sperrey, Managing Director of UPS Systems.

Sperrey continues: 'To be able to lease Air Liquide Hydrogen Energy’s hydrogen systems means that the technology is now much more financially accessible, and we predict that this will open up entirely new markets for fuel cells, and their adoption as a current and viable technology.'

The containerized Energy Container delivers up to 2.5 kW of power and unlimited runtime as long as a hydrogen supply is present for the fuel cell, making it suitable for construction and remote sites, events, and festivals.

The portable Mobixane fuel cell unit generates up to 2.5 kW of power, with enough hydrogen storage to provide eight hours of runtime. It is suited to the entertainment industry, e.g. on TV and film sets. And the lightweight Commpac 500 generates up to 0.5 kW of power for remote sites that don’t have easy access to the grid.

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