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Cathelco anti-fouling equipment for Pelamis wave device

Cathelco will supply seawater pipework anti-fouling equipment for the Pelamis wave power device.

By Renewable Energy Focus staff

The Pelamis wave energy device is a semi-submerged floating structure composed of cylindrical steel sections linked by hinged joints. Each of the joints contains a hydraulic pump. As the waves move the section, high pressure oil is pumped from the joints through motors. The motors drive the wave power generators that produce electricity.

The hydraulic oil is cooled within a box cooler system using seawater for cooling purposes. Cathelco is supplying anti-fouling anodes which are designed to prevent barnacle and mussel fouling within the box cooler unit of the wave power device.

Each box cooler unit will be fitted with two copper anodes and a cathode which are connected to a control panel. In operation, the anodes produce copper ions which prevent barnacle and mussel larvae from settling on the box cooler tubes.

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