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WINDSPEED roadmap for North Sea offshore wind

EWEA 2011: A roadmap defining an ambitious, but realistic target and development pathway to 2030 for offshore wind in the Central and Southern North will be presented at EWEA 2011 in Brussels next week.

A final WINDSPEED workshop will take place on 15 March as a side event to EWEA 2011, which will present the overall roadmap including the supporting results regarding spatial opportunities and implications, policy requirements and offshore grid infrastructure.

The North Sea offshore wind workshop is targeted towards European and national policy makers promoting renewable energy, and offshore wind in particular, as well as policy makers from various other disciplines such as spatial planning, grid infrastructure, sea traffic, environment and fisheries. Other target groups include transmission system operators, energy utilities, and wind farm developers.

The project is funded under the EU Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) programme and is led by the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN), with partners in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and the UK.

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