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UK certification for green gas

A group of UK energy providers have supported the launch of a scheme to certify to customers that green gas supplies are in fact green.

By Renewable Energy Focus staff

The Green Gas Certification Scheme (GGCS) will track biomethane, or ‘green gas’, through the supply chain to provide certainty for consumers.

The scheme has been established by the Renewable Energy Association working with Bio Group, British Gas, E.ON, National Grid, Milton Keynes Council, Thames Water and CNG Services Ltd.

“The Green Gas Certification Scheme is a simple and reliable way to eliminate double-counting of registered green gas,” says Steve Sharratt OBE, Chief Executive of Bio Group.

Mark Bugler, Head of Renewable Gas at British Gas, adds: “As partners in the UK’s first two Biomethane to Grid pilot projects British Gas are pleased to be one of the founding members of the Green Gas Certification Scheme. This scheme is key in allowing us to track ‘green gas’ from injection into the grid through to our customers.”

Biomethane can be made from anaerobic digestion, landfill gas or syngas from synthetic gas production.

The GGCS tracks any contractual trading of the injected gas through to its sale to end-use consumers who receive a certificate notifying them of the individual identifiers associated with it.

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