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Good Energy refits Delabole wind farm

The UK’s first commercial onshore wind farm has reopened following a £11.8 million investment.

By Isabella Kaminski

Good Energy has replaced the 10 original wind turbines of the Delabole wind farm in North Cornwall with four new ones, which have a total combined energy capacity of 9.2 MW – more than double the previous output.

The company has also announced a local community fund; and plans for community investment schemes that will enable local residents to benefit from future wind farms developed by Good Energy.

Delabole is the first of several renewable energy projects being developed by Good Energy across the UK, which amount to 50 MW capacity in total.

Juliet Davenport, CEO of Good Energy, says: “We’re enormously proud of our investment in Delabole and are delighted to welcome Chris Huhne to officially open the new site. Delabole wind farm now accounts for 20% of the total 100% renewable electricity supplied by Good Energy, and is the first in a pipeline of new wind energy projects we’re working on.

“We’d also like to thank the Delabole community for their help and support throughout the repowering process.  It’s wonderful to be able to celebrate its completion together.”

Chris Huhne, UK Secretary of State, says: “Delabole was the first commercial wind farm in the UK and, in its new form, it remains at the forefront of best practice. On top of generating enough green electricity for 7000 homes, a community fund will be making a direct contribution to projects in the local area.

“We’ll all benefit in the long run from more projects like Delabole, and moves to help local people feel more immediate benefits of hosting a windfarm are crucial."

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