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Q-Cells polycrystalline solar module reaches 17.84% efficiency

Q-Cells has reached an efficiency rating of 17.84% and an output of 268 W with a polycrystalline solar photovoltaic (PV) module.

By Renewable Energy Focus staff

The solar PV module contains 60 polycrystalline solar cells with dimensions of 156 x 156 mm2 consisting of 180 µm thick polycrystalline silicon wafers, which are metallised on the back.

Technical data

  • Efficiency rating: 17.84% (in relation to aperture area)
  • Module area: 1.492 m2 (aperture area)
  • Open circuit voltage: 38.86 V
  • Short circuit current: 9.04 A
  • Module output: 268 W

The back consists of dielectric layers combined with local contacts, which Q-Cells says “improves the solar cell’s aesthetic and electrical characteristics and significantly boosts its output as compared to the BSF (back surface field) technology used up until now.”

Peter Waver, Senior Vice President Technology at Q-Cells, adds: “On the basis of this technology platform, we will in future be able to achieve efficiency ratings of 20% cost-efficiently.”


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