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Minesto gets Carbon Trust grant for tidal kite

Minesto UK Ltd is receiving a grant of up to £350,000 from the Carbon Trust for testing of a prototype tidal energy kite.

By Renewable Energy Focus staff

The seakite Deep Green is a kite-like structure that is tethered to the seabed, flying through the sea current carrying a tidal turbine.

The tidal kite can operate in slower currents than most tidal energy technology. By flying in figures of 8 steered by a rudder, the kite can accelerate the speed of the water entering the tidal turbine up to 10 times.

The grant will support Minesto in gaining site permits for installations, testing survivability and to develop and verify a cost of energy model from the device.

The prototype will be a tenth of the planned final structure, and will be deployed off the coast of Northern Ireland.

Minesto says its plan is to produce 530 GWh annually from its tidal devices by 2020.

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