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Partrac completes UK tidal site measurements

Oceanographic measurements at the fifth tidal energy site in the UK have been completed by Partrac.

By Isabella Kaminski

Marine data expert Partrac has also secured further contracts to undertake oceanographic measurements at two wave energy sites and an offshore wind site in the UK in 2011 or 2012.

The company says that tidal energy sites present a serious challenge to acquiring high quality data. The limited tidal window in which to operate (only 10 minutes at some sites) and irregular seabed conditions present difficulties in emplacing the kit securely on the seabed but are largely unknown prior to getting out to the site.

According to Partrac, obtaintaining highly accurate tidal data is critical to the entire development process. The company tailots the methods it uses used to the tidal and seabed conditions at particular sites, and it has now completed 28 individual deployments at tidal energy sites.

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