Horizon, Pilus on bioreactors to produce renewable hydrogen from waste for fuel cells

Ohio-based Pilus Energy has announced a strategic relationship with Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies in Singapore, to combine Horizon hydrogen fuel cells with Pilus Energy’s renewable hydrogen production platform.

The partnership will integrate Horizon’s PEM fuel cells with Pilus Energy's platform for renewable hydrogen production, to provide a unique turnkey, end-to-end solution to generate clean power at low cost.

Distributed or localized production of hydrogen can reduce reliance on external hydrogen supplies, and opens up the opportunity for self-sustainable power systems in remote, off-grid locations. Using waste or wastewater as feedstock for distributed bio-hydrogen production also offers a carbon-free solution for both urban and remote environments.

'Our goal is to offer complete fuel cell power solutions to our clients, which also means creating hydrogen fuel supply solutions,' explains Taras Wankewycz, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies.

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