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Prioritise Australian renewable energy insists SEA

The Australian Government comes under pressure from the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia (SEA) to incorporate renewable energy infrastructure into the ongoing relief project following the floods in Eastern Australia.

By Micaela Tuckwell

As the Australian Government works to help communities rebuild or refurbish community facilities and public housing following the recent extreme weather incidences, the SEA announces that public monies must be spent to ensure that new buildings are constructed with improved sustainable design, increased energy efficiency and include renewable energy technologies such as solar.

Implicating this type of renewable energy infrastructure at this point in time would minimise costs for the community, as well as taking advantage of Australia’s renewable energy resources, which according to Prof. Ray Wills, SEA Chief Executive, are currently not being stretched to their full potential.

“While the resuscitation of the body of funding to solar flagships is absolutely welcome, the need to do more, not less, on renewable energy has not been recognised.”

Consequently Australia is currently resisting the global trend that sees growth in renewable energy investments greater than any other energy investment.

The SEA view this resistance as a combination of inadequate policies and lack of certainty that has plagued programmes intended to facilitate the start-up of the Australian stainable and renewable energy markets.

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