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Carmanah and ADB win solar contract in Afghanistan

The military aviation solar contract has been won by partners Carmanah Technologies and ADB.

By Isabella Kaminski

Carmanah Technologies, which makes solar LED lights and solar power systems, and ADB Airfield Solutions, an airfield lighting technology company, will now develop solar powered aviation lights at a forward operating base in Afghanistan.

The contract, valued at around US$450,000, includes evaluation of ABD and Carmanah’s technical approach and takes into account their performance hisory in the field and system prices.

The airfield solar LED lights will be used to support NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) rotary wing aviation operations in Regional Command East. All lights will be controlled using a wireless handheld device and will be mounted on non-slip mobile tiles ensuring maximum flexibility for future missions or during airfield expansion or improvements.

The mobile solar LED lights will eliminate the expense of trenching and cable installation and will drastically reduce disruption to airfield operations during installation.

ADB Airfield Solutions and Carmanah Technologies entered into a partnership agreement in early 2010.

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