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Mapping UK’s solar power potential

Bluesky’s Solar Suitability Map for the UK maps the solar power potential for solar panels on roofs.

By Renewable Energy Focus staff

Bluesky’s solar maps calculate the usable roof space of each property by using detailed 3D aerial survey data and discarding features such as dormer windows, large skylights and chimneys.

Bluesky says it can also create more detailed 3D solar reports for individual complexes such as government buildings, schools, hospitals or commercial warehouses.

“Since launching the first solar maps last spring we have been inundated with enquiries from local authorities, solar panel companies as well as energy and environmental organisations,” says Rachel Tidmarsh, Managing Director of Bluesky.

“As a result of these enquiries and our own ongoing research and development studies we have refined our processes and developed what is thought to be the most accurate methodology for determining the suitability of properties for solar energy installations, which is why now seems to be the right time to roll the product out nationally.”

Bluesky bases its maps on factors such as a roof’s usable size, height, pitch, aspect and position. In addition potential shadowing obstructions such as neighbouring properties or trees can be identified and mapped.

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