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  • VERBIO biogas plant feeds into German grid
    VERBIO Vereinigte Bioenergie AG’s biogas plant in Zörbig, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, is now feeding into MITGAS Netz’ high pressure gas grid.
  • Looking at biogas in Central Europe
    Biogas could be an important part of EU’s 2020 targets for renewable energy, and the EU project Sustainable and Innovative European Biogas Environment (SEBE) is now looking at technology and regulatory frameworks for biogas.
  • Europe adopts report on biomass sustainability
    The European Commission has adopted a report on sustainability requirements for the use of solid biomass and biogas in electricity, heating and cooling, concluding that more detailed legislation is not necessary at this stage.
  • Growth in biogas predicted in Germany
    About 760 biogas plants will be connected to the German national electricity grid in 2009 - three times the number in 2007 - according to estimates by the German Biogas Association. This is around 100 times more than exist in the UK.


Conergy sells biogas projects

International solar system manufacturer Conergy is selling its biogas activities to Munich-based RES Projects for an undisclosed sum.

Conergy AG, based in Hamburg, Germany, announces that it has sold its biogas subsidy EUPRON to RES Projects, specialists in biomethane installation.

With this sale RES Projects will acquire a number of biogas ventures at different developmental levels amounting to more than 23 MW of energy being generated from biogas activities.

These new biogas projects are to be installed in the next few years and will be mainly located in Germany.

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