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Onshore wind mapping resource for the UK

Renewable energy consultancy, GL Garrad Hassan, launches a wind resource map of Great Britain in order to meet the renewed onshore wind activity since feed-in tariffs were introduced last year.

By Micaela Tuckwell

GL Garrad Hassan’s wind resource maps uses Mesoscale Compressible Community (MC2) modelling results applied to a microscale flow model in order to predict wind speeds at hub heights of 50 m and 80 m, at 100 m resolution.

The microscale flow model has been run across the entire land mass of Scotland, England and Wales and is now available electronically.

Furthermore, a visual representation of the wind direction frequency distribution known as ‘wind roses’ has been constructed from the output of the Mesoscale model and are available at every point on a 5x5 km grid.

Based on the predicted wind regime and specific wind turbine power curve GL Garrad Hassan also provides energy yield estimates.

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