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Tocardo commissions bi-directional tidal turbine

Dutch Tocardo has installed and commissioned its first bi-directional tidal turbine at its testing and demonstration facilities in Den Oever, The Netherlands.

By Renewable Energy Focus staff

The tidal turbine has reversible blades, and according to Tocardo, the technology is now one step closer to full-scale, commercial deployment.

The company says the bi-directional functionality can be used on all existing Tocardo tidal turbine models, extending the range from its current canal and river models, to ocean models.

First full-scale commercial installations of the bi-directional tidal turbine technology are planned later this year at estuary and ocean barrage locations.

Hans van Breugel, CEO of Tocardo, says: “We are proud of the successful development and deployment of Tocardo’s new technology. It expands the company’s commercial proposition, drastically increases the potential revenue stream in 2011 and is a well planned and important step in our way forward towards larger offshore turbines.

“Furthermore it strengthens the joint market proposition Tocardo offers with Strukton through the project development entity Tidal Power Projects (TPP).”

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