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Langlee E2 wave power device doubles output

Langlee’s E2 wave power device has achieved peak efficiency improvements of 40% and a 100% increase in yearly production compared to a test in 2009.

By Renewable Energy Focus staff

Aalborg University has developed a standard procedure for comparing different wave energy concepts and for calculating yearly energy production for an installation in open sea.

Associate Professor, Jens Peter Kofoed was responsible for the test and concludes a successful test: “35% efficiency is in the upper end of what we could expect” he says.

The yearly production for a Langlee E2 unit (360 kW) at Orkney is calculated to 1 GWh. In comparison, the Pelamis which is twice as big (750 kW) and 3 times the weight, produces 1.3 GWh per year at the same location (based on Pelamis Power matrix from the Pelamis Wave Power website).

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