NRG introduces an 80-metre XHD tilt-up tower

Built on the same platform as the company’s 60-metre XHD system, the 80-metre tower incorporates bolted joints for a stiffer, stronger tower to measure the wind at taller heights.

The drive for data accuracy has led many developers and consultants to measure directly at turbine hub heights. “Incorporating one or several 80-meter systems into a wind resource assessment campaign has proven to reduce uncertainty and help developers negotiate more favorable financing and power purchase agreements,” said Barton Merle-Smith, director of marketing and sales for NRG Systems.

“In the U.S. and particularly Europe, the best on-shore wind sites have already been developed,” continued Merle-Smith. “The industry has become more sophisticated and disciplined in its approach to resource assessment in an effort to minimise uncertainty. Measuring directly at 80 metres helps make this possible.”

The complete 80-metre XHD system includes a galvanised 10-inch diametre tilt-up tower with a steel baseplate, a SymphoniePLUS 15-channel data logger, NRG Systems sensors to measure wind speed and direction, side-mount booms, and other accessories. The high-visibility package, required by the FAA in the U.S., includes an orange-and-white painted tower, a compliant lighting system, and marker balls.

“Strength and ease-of-use were primary drivers for NRG Systems in developing the new system,” said Owen Clay, director of engineering for NRG Systems. “We took great care to meet the highest standards for strength and durability, while preserving the simplicity of installation and maintenance.”

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