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Six finalists chosen for Zayed Future Energy Prize

The top six finalists for the Zayed Future Energy Prize to be awarded this month at the World Future Energy Summit were announced just before Christmas.

From a total of 391 submissions from 69 countries, the following six have been selected:

  • Amory B Lovins, Chairman and Chief Scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute in Colorado, USA, for his ‘integrative design’ for energy efficiency in buildings;
  • Barefoot College, a fully solar electrified College in India, training women in rural areas to contribute to solar energy development;
  • E+Co, an investment company from New Jersey, USA, pioneering clean energy investments in the developing world;
  • First Solar of Arizona, USA, for its commitment to solar energy and the development of more efficient thin-film solar modules;
  • Terry Tamminen, CEO and Founder of the 7th Generation Advisors, for developing renewable energy solutions in California, USA;
  • Vestas of Denmark, for brining clean energy to developing countries.

As can be seen above, four of the 6 finalists are based in the USA.

The winner will receive US$1.5 million and two runner ups will receive up to US$350,000.

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