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Hydropower gushing ahead

Hydropower is under-loved and under-funded, but is nonetheless growing in countries like Brazil, according to SBI Energy.

Around 80% of Brazil’s power is already supplied by hydropower, and the country is involved with hydropower projects elsewhere as well.

At the moment, the Brazilian Government is considering funding options for a hydropower project in Tanzania. The US$2 billion, 2.1 GW Stiegler’s Gorge hydropower station is scheduled to see the installation of three 700 MW hydropower turbines in 2012. Completion is expected in 2015, SBI Energy says.

The research organisation study, Hydropower Energy Technologies Worldwide: Large, Small, Mini, Micro and Pico, has found that hydropower growth will be influenced by stimulus funds and other incentives.

Although hydropower has not received the attention or funding afforded to wind, solar and other renewable energy sources, funding has grown since 2008.

“Hydropower is an under-loved energy source that is being rediscovered by some countries, such as the United States, and is rapidly being developed in others, such as China and Brazil. This renewable energy source will experience major growth over the next five year,” says Shelley Carr, Publisher of SBI Energy.

“Brazil alone will see significant growth from the small hydropower sector, growing from 3.8 GW currently to 11.5 GW in 2012.”

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