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SunPower constructs 1 MW solar system at Masdar City

SunPower Corp has constructed a 1 MW solar power system on the roof of the Masdar Institute building, Masdar City, located on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi.

The system is installed on a canopy structure that provides shade for the roof terrace as well as solar power for the facility. It consists of SunPower E19.

"The Masdar Institute building is the first to be completed in Masdar City. The sophisticated campus provides the ideal setting to drive real innovation and a concrete path to the technologies critical to powering tomorrow," says Alan Frost, Director of Masdar City.

SunPower Managing Director Jorn Jurgens, adds: "SunPower is pleased to be part of this groundbreaking project, helping Masdar City to achieve their renewable energy goals with SunPower E19 solar panels, which deliver record-breaking efficiency of at least 19.3% in standard conditions."

Designed by Fosters + Partners, the Masdar Institute building is the first completed building at Masdar City and a model of sustainability.

The building incorporates a wide range of emerging green building technologies that will be evaluated, with the building itself serving as a test bed for technologies that will help Masdar City achieve its sustainability goals.

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