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Tenesol solar BIPV module

Tenesol, the solar power provider owned by TOTAL and EDF, has launched a new dual-glass building integrated solar photovoltaic (BIPV) module in Europe.

The BIPV module is said to give architects the ability to create tailor-made solar PV modules to suit individual projects with the capability to match design requirements such as colour and size.

Benoit Rolland, Managing Director of Tenesol, says: “Our new dual-glass modules remove the usual limitations of solar installations and allow architects to harness their creativity and design truly unique BIPV systems.”

Tenesol will work directly with architects to produce a dual-glass system that matches their design requirement. Clients can specify the exact size of each solar PV module (up to a maximum of 4m x 2m) and the thickness of glass. In terms of solar PV cells, clients can choose poly or mono (multiple or a single crystal lactic structure), the number of cells and the layout of the solar module.

In terms of design, the dual-glass BIPV solar modules are intended to be highly visible and form a major aspect of a building’s architecture. In light of this, all junction boxes are positioned at the edge of an installation so they cannot be seen and will not spoil the appearance of the solar PV system.

These solar BIPV modules are the product of an industrial joint venture and will be produced in France and will be available in Europe in early 2011.

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