Silfab buys 10% of hydropower developer

Silfab SpA is acquiring 10% of the share capital of Idrofin Srl, an Italian developer of hydropower plants in Eastern Europe with a core business in Romania.

Silfab, which specialises in solar photovoltaics (PV), thereby sees the entry in a relatively low-risk market.

Idrofin, through its controlled company Hidrogest Energia Srl, is currently developing a 23 MW, €60 million network of micro hydropower plants (with less that 10 MW/year) in Romania, expected to produce 76 GWh annually

Idrofin is also developing the Chemp Roscani hydropower plant by the Dobra River basin area which is expected to have a capacity of 6.6 MWp and produce 26.03 GWh per year.

Franco Traverso, Silfab President and CEO, says: "With this initiative we not only do amplify our competence within the renewable energy marketplace, but we also consolidate a strategic partnership with Espe Group – a company I personally have been working with for the past 30 years to develop photovoltaic projects. For Silfab this partnership represents a unique opportunity to access a crucial energy market with a partner that has both solid and strategic technical expertise in hydroelectricity."

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