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Langlee Wave Power builds wave energy plants in Turkey

Langlee Wave Power AS and Turksih Ünmaksan have agreed to build five wave power systems totalling 600 kW in Turkey.

Managing Director at Langlee, Julius Espeland, says: “This will be a test park that will be built over two years, and the plan going forward is to build two parks with a total capacity of 52 MW.

“Unlike other wave power technologies that rely on a certain wave height to function, our technology’s efficiency is determined by wave length. In these areas (Turkey) the wave length is very stable and gives good efficiency throughout the year,” Espeland adds.

The technology

The waves move the hinged water wings of each submerged Langlee wave power module, analogous to the way sound waves move the diaphragm of a microphone. Energy absorbed from wave motion by the moving water wings drives a hydraulic system, which powers electric generators.

The array of Langlee power converter modules floats, for best energy capture, and is anchored to the seabed. Each Langlee module has two pair of water wings, located one-half wavelength apart, moving in opposing directions as waves pass through the wave power array.

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