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TNEI and Aquamarine cooperate on locating marine energy sites

Energy consultancy TNEI and Aquamarine Power are cooperating to identify the most viable marine energy sites around the UK and Irish coastlines for deployment of Aquamarine’s Oyster® wave energy converter.

TNEI will be using its experience on grid connection analysis to help Aquamarine to assess potential sites for the Oyster wave energy converter, up to and over 100 MW.

The work has centred on collating public domain data, undertaking spreadsheet analysis on current grid capabilities and identifying capacity locations on a geographic basis. The team has also made projections on the future profile of the National Grid System identifying where capacity is likely to be, based on the grid’s proposed development work.

TNEI has also made recommendations on methods which may be used to maximise local grid capacity to enable generation to be installed in advance of grid reinforcements.

Aquamarine is aiming to develop sites capable of hosting 1 GW of marine energy by 2020.

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