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  • Biofuel capacity to grow 7.8% annually
    Biofuel capacity could expand to 53 billion gallons in 2015, representing an annual growth of 7.8%, while bio-based materials boom to 8.1 million tonnes with an annual growth of 17.7%, according to Lux Research.
  • New enzymes yield "sustainable biofuel"
    Researchers at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences at Aas, Norway, claim to have broken the code for hyper-effective production of biofuels.
  • Prominent UK business group calls for more energy from waste
    The CBI is calling for the UK Government to encourage the use of non-recyclable waste to meet the country’s energy needs.
  • Comment: District heating and beyond – bioenergy lessons from Finland
    These days residents of Finnish cities, towns and villages, nestled among thick forests and thousands of cold lakes, are kept warm by wood. Bioenergy from wood pellets, chips or biofuel fuels a central boiler and pipes the heat into the local hospital, schools, and homes. For many of these towns, cooperative district heating models have brought not only a lower carbon footprint, but the foundation for a thriving, local economy.


Metso delivers biomass co-generation power plant to Sweden

Metso will supply a new biomass-fired power boiler using bubbling fluidised bed technology, and a flue-gas cleaning and condensation system to Bomhus Energi AB in Sweden.

The value of the order is over €50 million and the biomass co-generation plant will start up in early 2013.

The biomass boiler will deliver district heating to the town of Gävle, and produce steam and electricity from a new turbine for Korsnäs. The planned plant will be located inside the present premises of Korsnäs pulp mill.

Bomhus Energi was formed to own and operate the co-generation power plant.

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