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Solyndra solar panels in 1.02 MWp rooftop system

A 1.02 MWp rooftop solar system with a reflective waterproofing membrane and Solyndra solar panels has been completed by alwitra GmbH on a warehouse in Konz, Germany.

"On a rooftop of this size Parts Europe [the warehouse owner] gets strong benefits from the highly reflective Evalon waterproofing membrane and the power generation of the Solyndra solar system," says Clemens Jargon, Solyndra's President of EMEA and Managing Director, Solyndra GmbH.

"The location and size of Parts Europe's warehouse are absolutely predestined for the use of power generation. The unique design of Solyndra's cylindrical, non-penetrating and very light weight panels made them the best solution for this large project," adds Joachim Gussner, President of alwitra.

The project

The rooftop solar project covers 13,000 m2 of rooftop with Evalon waterproofing membrane and approximately 10,700 m2 of rooftop with more than 5400 Solyndra solar panels.

More than 33,000 m of cable were used in the solar rooftop project.

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