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Alstom powers 80 MW of wind in France

Alstom says it will have installed 80 MW of its ECO 100 wind turbines in France by the end of 2010, across four wind farms.

Alstom recently signed a Provisional Acceptance Certificate together with EDP Renewables for the Le Mée wind farm in La Région Centre, France. It is the third wind farm to be commissioned in the region.

The 18 MW wind farm consists of 6 Alstom ECO 100 wind turbines rated at 3 MW each.

Two other ECO 100 wind farms: Le Vieux Moulin (6 ECO 100 wind turbines) and La Vallée du Moulin (10 ECO 100 wind turbines) have already been commissioned, and a fourth, Pièces de Vigne (5 ECO 100 wind turbines) is under construction.

In total, Alstom will therefore have installed 27 wind turbines totalling 80 MW by the end of the year.

The French Government aims to generate 23% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

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