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Networks, not solar, driving rising electricity costs

Australia’s Clean Energy Council says the cost of supporting residential solar power is a drop in the ocean compared to billions of dollars in network costs that are driving big increases in electricity prices in New South Wales, Australia.

Clean Energy Council CEO Matthew Warren, says: “The Australian Energy Regulator estimates the cost of improving the electricity network in NSW at more than A$14 billion over five years. Based on the 50 MW installed under the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme, the cost of solar electricity from the current scheme is less than 4% of this.

“Solar power systems will help to reduce electricity costs for householders, and as the cost of this clean energy continues to fall more households will be able to immunise themselves from rising electricity prices.”

Warren argues that solar power is helping to transform the way Australians think about energy: “Effectively the NSW government is building a peak load power station across the rooftops of NSW, which is co-funded by householders and the network.

“It’s a different way of generating energy. It’s what a clean energy future is going to look like.

“The people of Australia want action on climate change and cheaper clean energy. Solar feed-in tariff programmes are about developing the solar industry, making use of Australia’s abundant sunshine.”

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