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Renewable Power Solutions awarded solar apprenticeship programme

Renewable Power Solutions, a provider of solar energy installation services, has been awarded the first exclusively solar apprenticeship programme by the State of California.

Renewable Power Solutions has partnered with the San Jose Metropolitan Education District’s Central County Occupational Center (CCOC) to organise the in-classroom portion of the programme.

José Radzinsky, CEO of Renewable Power Solutions, says, “As the renewable energy industry, and solar panel installations in particular, are poised for explosive growth in the years ahead, we felt it was necessary to address standards of workforce qualification and ultimately the quality of solar installations. These standards will provide the industry with the necessary and systematic training for a successful future of the solar workforce.”

The solar apprenticeship programme developed by Renewable Power Solutions provides accredited training to individuals seeking a career in the photovoltaic (PV) industry. The curriculum includes on-the-job learning, and classroom teaching, and the successful completion of 4000 hours to achieve PV ‘journeyman’ status and will typically take up to two years to complete.

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