Replacement of M5000 nacelles at Alpha Ventus completed

The replacement of the six AREVA wind nacelles has been completed at Germany’s first offshore windfarm, Alpha Ventus.

An increase in the temperature of the sliding bearings of the AREVA Wind M5000 power turbines was noticed in the spring, causing two turbines to be taken out of operation.

As per the AREVA maintenance concept, a replacement of the turbine house, or so-called nacelle, was required in order to change the sliding bearings. First, the two out of service turbines at positions AV07 and AV09 in the farm were replaced so that they could be put back into operation successfully.

Next, turbines at positions AV 08, 10, 12 and 11 were replaced. Up until this point, the turbines continued to feed power into the grid at partially reduced maximum capacity.

On 16 November 2010 it will have been one year since the last of the 12 offshore turbines was completed following a 7 month long construction phase to erect the wind power turbines.

Areva reports that despite successive commissioning, trial operations, downtime and repair work, the twelve, 5 MW class turbines have generated over 140 GWh of electricity, as of October.

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