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ersol and Renusol co-delevop thin-film mounting system

ersol Thin Film GmbH, a subsidiary of ersol Solar Energy AG, and Renusol GmbH, a company of CENTROSOLAR Group AG, have concluded a cooperative agreement to co-develop a special system to mount ersol's Nova®-T series of thin-film modules.

The new system is to be based on Renusol's construction for the flat-roof installation of crystalline solar modules. The mounting system will then be available in combination with ersol's thin-film modules in the 1.30 x 1.10 m format.

The Renusol flat-roof mounting system allows, among other things, the installation of solar modules on rooftops of industrial and residential buildings without the need for penetration of the sensitive roof covering. A plastic vat is weighted down with gravel or concrete slabs and fitted with a photovoltaic (PV) module.

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