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Gravitational wave energy absorber presented

Portuguese Sea For Life has developed a gravitational wave energy absorber, WEGA, which could see a prototype in the sea next year.

The wave energy device has an articulated suspended body, is semi-submerged in the water and it is attached to a mount structure. WEGA oscillates in an elliptical orbit with the passage of the waves, Sea For Life says.

The movement of the body of the wave energy deice drives a hydraulic cylinder which pushes high pressure fluid through an accumulator and a hydraulic motor, driving the generator producing energy.

The body attaches to the mount structure through a rotary head which allows it to adopt to the direction of the waves.

Multiple devices can be placed on a single mount structure according to the size and place of the structure, the Portuguese wave energy developer says.

The body’s main hull consists of steel tubes that taper at the bottom with a ballast tank inside.

The remaining components of the power take-off system are located in the upper part of the body, whereas the hydraulic motor and electric generator are placed on top of the mount structure. Sea For Life says this protects them from the elements and enables easy access for maintenance.

Finally, Sea For Life says their wave energy device can be coupled with other marine installations such as offshore wind turbines.

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