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Hydro invests NOK850m in Norwegian hydropower

Hydro will invest about NOK850 million to upgrade the Rjukan hydropower system in Telemark, southeast Norway between 2011 and 2015.

Hydro says it will modernise the major hydro-electric river facility “to ensure long-term safe and stable power supplies.”

The Rjukan hydropower system comprises five power plants - Frøystul, Vemork, Såheim, Moflåt and Mæl - with a combined normal annual capacity of approximately 3 TWh.

The planned work will consist of upgrading of the waterways, including a new dam at Skarfoss, new control systems and power distribution, as well as rehabilitating hydropower generators and turbines.

"We need to consistently ensure that our power system is safe and sound. The planned work aims to maintain the plant safety level and reduce the risk of potential production losses due to possible faults and outages," says Arvid Moss, Executive Vice President of Hydro's Energy business area.

"The waterfalls at Rjukan have represented Hydro's most reliable and predictable source of power through our 105-year history. We remain committed to keeping these assets a core part of Hydro also in the future," Moss adds.

Hydro has an average annual hydropower production of 9.4 TWh.

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