This solar power system saves 25,300 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year.

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Turkey’s newest solar PV installation won’t leave a bitter taste

Installed on the roof of a sweets confectioner near Istanbul Centrosolar has installed Turkey’s largest thin-film solar photovoltaic (PV) power system to date.

Perfetti van Melle, Italian manufacturer of brands such as Mentos, Smint and Chuppa Chups, has installed 108 Centrosolar solar PV modules on the roof of its production hall West of Istanbul. It has a total output of 31 kWp and will generate 38 MW hours of electricity per year.

Although the Perfetti van Melle solar PV installation has a roof pitch of only 10º and a low carrying capacity, Centrosolar’s thin-film solar PV systems “will deliver higher solar yields than crystalline modules” explains Torsten Lütten, Director International Sales at Centrosolar.

Each of the 108 thin-film solar PV modules is over five meters long, consists of two laminates made by US-based United Solar Ovonic and has an output of 288 Wp.

The system was installed by Form Temiz Enerji A.S., a partner company of Centrosolar and a subsidiary of the FORM Group in Turkey.

Turkey has not yet introduced feed-in tariffs for solar power. The country has an average 1250 W of solar radiation per square meter, the solar output installed currently amounts to less than 1 MW.

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