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German solar PV degression could reach 13%

The German Federal Network Agency has published figures for newly installed solar photovoltaic (PV) capacities for June, July and August, and EuPD Research says it expects that the degression will reach its maximum limit of 13% at the turn of the year.

The current EEG foresees a reasonable degression of 9% for solar PV. If the market volume exceeds the Federal government’s target of 3.5 GWp of newly installed solar PV capacity, the degression will rise by one percent for each additionally installed GW.

This means, for an expansion of over 6500 MWp of solar PV, the degression has reached its maximum limit of 13%.

The months of June, July, August and September were decisive for this calculation. Newly installed solar PV capacity in these four months is multiplied by a factor of three.

With a reported performance of 2120 MWp in June, 670 MWp in July and 360 MWp in August, the development of solar PV which took place in this timeframe lies at 3150 MWp. Without even considering the capacity which was installed in September, the projected 6500 MWp were exceeded, EuPD Research says.

Based on a degression of 13%, the following remuneration rates are calculated for solar PV in 2011:

  • Open-space installations on conversion areas: €0.220
  • Other open-space installations: €0.210
  • Rooftop installations ≤ 30 kWp: €0.286
  • Rooftop installations > 30kW ≤ 100 kWp: €0.272
  • Rooftop installations < 100 kWp ≤ 1,000 kWp: €0.257
  • Rooftop installations > 1000 kWp: €0.227

The newly installed solar PV capacity which resulted in the first 8 months lies at 4882 MWp (3806 MWp in full year 2009) and distributes itself among the following size classes as follows:

  • Installations larger than 1 MWp: 14% (17% in 2009)
  • Installations between 250 and 1000 kWp: 12% (9% in 2009)
  • Installations between 50 and 250 kWp: 26% (20% in 2009)
  • Installations between 10 and 50 kWp: 38% (42% in 2009)
  • Installations under 10 kWp: 10% (12% in 2009)

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