Helios expands PV cell and module production

Helios Technology S.p.A. has achieved its 60 MWp target for its Italy-based cell production line, and has also started up its new module production line - which will reportedly reach a capacity of 50 MWp during 2009.

Helios' photovoltaic (PV) cell production capacity reached 60 MWp per year after its second 30 MWp line – part of one already installed last year – came up to speed.

The company reports that both PV cell lines operate in a continuous cycle and are able to produce high-efficiency mono and polycrystalline PV cells [<16.5% polycrystalline and <17.5% monocrystalline]. The mono and polycrystalline wafers which constitute the raw materials are transformed by means of a chemical/physical process into cells capable of transforming incident luminous energy (photons) into electrical power. All the stages of the process are controlled by in-line measuring instruments and sample measurements off line.

The company's new PV module production line, with a current capacity of 25 MWp, will reach a total production capacity of 50 MWp during the year (Q2-2009), according to sources at Helios. The new production unit is able to make modules composed of 60 mono and polycrystalline cells with maximum power up to 235 Wp.

Helios has been a PV cell and module manufacturer in the Italian industry since 1981, and since 2006 has been part of the Kerself Group.

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