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Cambridge spin-out simplifies wind turbine voltage control

Amantys Ltd, a cleantech spin-out from the University of Cambridge, has simplified the design of medium voltage power systems using insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) for wind turbines.

The first application is for medium voltage inverters in high power wind turbines.

“Large wind turbines require medium voltage power systems to deliver the power efficienctly,” says Bryn Parry, Managing Director of Amantys.

“Our technology significantly simplifies the design of these systems through close control of the IGBTs in the system.”

The technology allows wind turbine power transistors to be configured in a series topology, which makes it easier to construct systems to switch medium and high voltage, Amantys says.

This means designers can continue to use existing design topologies to build medium voltage inverters with higher efficiency and without the need to move to more complicated systems.

Amantys has been accepted onto the Carbon Trust Entrepreneur Fast Track, which aims to provide strategic and business development consultancy to accelerate growth of promising early stage low carbon companies.

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