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Sheffield solar farm opened

University of Sheffield is now home to 70m² solar photovoltaic (PV) panels - expected to generate 8 MWh per annum.

The solar PV panels are located on the roof of the University of Sheffield’s Hicks Building and have been designed to provide a real-world test platform for solar PV technology and communicating the effectiveness of solar in Northern latitudes.

Dr Kevin Hard, Managing Director for solar PV installation company,EvoEnergy, who installed the Sheffield Solar Farm, says: "The Sheffield solar farm is a great way of communicating the robustness of solar photovoltaics for generating electricity. Developing the UK's massive small-scale renewable energy potential will help us to tackle climate change, create new green jobs and industries, and increase our energy security."

Manufacturer,Sharp Solar, provided the monocrystalline silicon solar PV panels used in the project. The energy captured will feed back into the University’s electrical system and the national grid.


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