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Innotech Solar launches off-grid solar module

Designed for grid-independant solar installation, the Innotech Solar (ITS) 'off-grid' solar module allows different solar cell types to be used, including half and third cells.

Particularly suitable for large roof and ground mounted systems, the standard version of Innotech Solar’s off-grid solar module has a capacity of 80 Wp and customised solar modules can be commissioned from as little as 5 Wp.

Although the ITS Off-grid solar module from provides another option for users in Europe who would like to install a grid-independent power supply, ITS highlight that their solar module is particularly suitable for the African and South American markets whose power grids are often underdeveloped.

The solar module is Innotech Solar’s third product line which involves processing and optimising solar cells achieved through two procedures.

In the first, cell impurities are isolated using lasers. The second procedure entails removing parts of non-functioning solar cells – also using laser technology – in such a way that the remaining parts of the solar cells can operate at full capacity. These half and third cells are used in the ITS Economy half cell and ITS Economy third cell solar modules.

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