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Vigorous testing for solar PV backsheets

Madico, a supplier of solar photovoltaic (PV) backsheets announce that its Protekt backsheet products are the most thoroughly tested on the market.

Since Madico opened its new production plant in Doi, Japan, in March of this year, new testing methods have been utilised in order to improve performance whilst ensuring safety for the life of solar PV panels.

The material Madico uses in its Protekt Backsheets is new to the solar PV industry and has been specifically designed for  solar PV applications, Madico says.

It was developed to be thinner while offering "optimal performance" in the area of dielectric strength, electrical insulation, hydrolysis resistance, flame resistance, thermal stability while providing maximum bond strength and boast power boosting properties.

Most recently Protekt has undergone new testing to meet UL certification in the area of flame resistance and electrical insulation.

The solar PV backseet has also undergone extensive testing in the area of damp heat testing, exceeding the industry standard by remaining intact for 2000 hours.

Madico declined to supply further details concerning the materials used in its solar PV backsheet.

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