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DNV Sustainability & Innovation set up

Risk management firm Det Norske Veritas (DNV) has set up a Sustainability & Innovation division to “steer DNV towards green service growth and sustainability services.”

Dr Henrik O. Madsen, CEO of DNV, says: “DNV has a proven ability to provide independent support to organisations operating in risk sensitive and specialised environments such as maritime, oil and gas. With the new division, we aim to extend our ability by further developing our climate change and sustainability services for industries and sectors where DNV is not yet seen as a global player.”

The sustainability and innovation division already employs 400 technical and operational specialists and experts around the world.

COO for the division, Bjørn K. Haugland, expects the division to expand “significantly” in response to changing markets and customer needs.

“The slowdown in the world economy, uncertainty about how to meet an increasing demand for energy, and the urgency of dealing with change in our local climate. These are all issues that call for our combined ability to find new and sustainable solutions,” he says.

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