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BASF exhibits turbine products at Husum WindEnergy 2010

Chemicals company BASF will showcase its products for the manufacture of wind turbines at the Husum WindEnergy trade show in September.

The products include epoxy systems, coatings and polyuethanes for use in the manufacture of composite wind turbine rotor blades.

Epoxy resin-based composites are commonly used to manufacture turbine blades and BASF provides two-component epoxy resin and hardener systems under its Baxxodur® brand. These systems are reported to speed up blade manufacturing processes by as much as 30%.

BASF also offers polyurethane foams, additives for PVC foams and polyurethane-based adhesives for enhanced rotor blade stability.

Coatings are used to make rotor blades more resistant to environmental exposure. BASF offers RELIUS Processcoat, a groundcoat applied as a thin film, and Oldodur Blade Finish HS, an environmentally friendly finish that offers enhances resistance to erosion.

Towers and foundations

BASF also offers grouting materials for turbine foundations. These products are said to guarantee long-term tower and foundation stability even in conditions of severe vibration caused by rotor blades and extreme weather. 

Special coating materials are available to protect wind turbine towers against harsh weather conditions.

Husum WindEnergy

Husum WindEnergy 2010 takes place on 21-15 September in Husum, Germany. The show is expecting to attract around 950 exhibitors and 25 000 visitors. More information about BASF's products for the wind energy sector can be found at





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