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Sunways BIPV project third in Solar Decathlon

Stuttgart University’s ‘home+’ building project incorporating building integrated solar photovoltaics (BIPV) came third at the international architectural Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 in Madrid, Spain.

The prototype for a home of the future came first in the individual categories Innovation and Design. Sunways AG supported the project with its knowledge on BIPV, coloured solar cells for the building envelope and inverters.

Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences (HFT) got additional assistance for energy planning and building automation from Baumgartner GmbH, Kippenheim.

The home+ project

The home+ project generates more energy than it uses and is characterised by the integration of different energy elements.

The building envelope includes a BIPV system with coloured silicon solar cells. During the night the 'energy envelope' generates cold water.

The solar PV modules on the roof were equipped with guide plates and pipe coils at the rear. Water flowing through the pipes is cooled by the night sky.

Sunways provided bronze and gold coloured multi-crystalline solar cells for the solar PV façade of home+.

Black monocrystalline solar cells were used in the solar PV roof modules. The solar PV system consisting of 3700 solar cells was complemented by five Sunways inverters. The system is capable of generating around 10.6 MWh of electricity per year.

The Solar Decathlon Europe 2010

A total of 17 universities took part in the competition where participants are faced with the task of designing and building a home with an energy supply system based solely on solar energy.

The assessment is based on 10 criteria, including architecture, solar energy supply, idea/concept and marketability.

The aim of the competition is to increase awareness for energy-efficient building and utilisation of renewable energy among the construction trade and the public.

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