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Quercia and ENER-G waste-to-energy plant in UK

Quercia Ltd, part of Neales Waste Management Ltd, and ENER-G Natural Power Ltd are cooperating on capturing methane gas from landfill waste and converting it into electricity to feed into the National Grid.

The waste-to-energy project is at Clayton Hall Landfill Site near Chorley, in Lancashire, UK.

ENER-G will use its biogas generation technology to convert the methane into a minimum of 1136 kW of renewable electricity.

Hugh Richmond, Managing Director of ENER-G Natural Power says: “We will be using 1150 kW equipment as a minimum and Quercia will effectively be turning a liability into an asset. The project is funded entirely by ENER-G and we will pay royalties to Quercia, which avoids major capital expenditure. We are also responsible for maintaining the generator.”

The level of methane extracted will vary over the 15-year lifespan of the waste-to-energy project, so ENER-G is operating a ‘hire fleet’ approach, which means that a larger generator can be switched for a smaller one as demand fluctuates.

Partial capping in the older areas of the site will prevent methane escaping into the atmosphere and wells have been drilled to transfer gas to a compact generator unit where the electricity conversion process takes place.

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