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Bredenoord hydrogen fuel cell generator for sustainable energy at Lowlands festival

An entire floating stage at the Lowlands music festival in The Netherlands this weekend is being powered by sustainable energy. All the power for the ‘Llowlab islands’ will come from a Purity hydrogen fuel cell generator provided by Dutch power supply rental company Bredenoord.

There is increasing demand for sustainable energy at such events in The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, and the UK. Earlier this summer, Bredenoord used its sustainable technology for part of the energy supply at the Glastonbury Festival in the UK, and at three smaller festivals in the London area.

Bredenoord and its partners have developed a new Purity generator, which has more than three times the power capacity of the previous model. The latest Purity model has a capacity of 17.5 kVA, more than enough to power the entire Llowlab stage.

The original version of the Purity generator, with a 5 kW capacity, was in operation at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, with the specific task of supplementing the solar power generators. The silent, clean operation of the Purity generator make it an important option for the sustainable future of events such as Glastonbury and Lowlands.

Bredenoord, together with partners such as PEM fuel cell developer NedStack, is one of the first to deploy hydrogen fuel cell technology for mobile energy generators.


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