Launched in February 2009, The TORO can carry up to four passengers protecting them from side impact and heavy landings. It is also buoyant and self-righting.

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Growing demand for offshore wind personnel transfer

Reflex Marine’s TORO crew transfer capsule originally designed for use by oil and gas operators has now entered the renewable energy sector, selling four capsules for use on offshore wind turbine installation barges.

Reflex Marine has already sold 30 offshore personnel transfer units across offshore Asia-Pacific, Europe, North and West Africa, Australia and America.

David Brittan, Reflex Marine Business Development Director says: “We are very happy to hit this landmark sale, especially as the technology was launched at a time of economic downturn. The TORO was developed in direct response to industry demand for a low cost transfer device which still maintained high levels of passenger protection and operational performance.“

While Reflex Marines range of crew transfer capsules are an established method of crew transfer in the oil and gas industry, safe access to offshore wind turbines is still a key concern for operators. Significant numbers of personnel must access offshore wind farms for year-round maintenance or unplanned interventions.

The main advantage of the offshore personnel transfer system is improved safety through reduced reliance on human responses. It also has an improved operating envelope, a means of emergency evacuation and the ability to extract injured and stretchered personnel, and one system for moving people and equipment.

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