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Biofuels demonstration plant up and running

A biomass-to-liquids (BTL) demonstration plant operated by the Oxford Catalysts Group and the Portuguese incorporated holding company SGC Energia (SGCE) is now up and running at a biomass gasification facility in Güssing, Austria.

The biofuels demonstration plant is designed for small scale distributed production of biofuels via the Fischer-Tropsch (FT) reaction.

The biofuels plant includes a Güssing gasifier, a gas conditioning unit supplied by SGCE and an FT microchannel reactor skid developed by the US-based member of the Oxford Catalysts Group, Velocys, Inc.

The biofuels FT microchannel reactor, comprised of over 900 full-length microchannels, is very efficient at controlling temperatures in highly exothermic (heat-generating) FT reaction and at maintaining isothermal conditions throughout the reactor, the Oxford Catalyst Group says.

The biofuels demonstration plant is already producing over 0.75 kg of synthetic FT liquids per litre of catalyst per hour – 4 to 8 times greater productivity than conventional systems.

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